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GLOBAL WORKING DOGS is a full service company that supplies quality working dogs, provides expert consulting and training, and designs professional K-9 equipment for police, military, and private security.
We have over 20 years professional experience training working dogs in a variety of profiles, as well as designing and manufacturing professional K-9 products and equipment for the global market.

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Aggressive dogs and bite prevention course

Phil Robson’s, a leading expert in dog suppression techniques, one-day dog awareness course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent serious injury, while protecting the welfare of the animal.

During this full day course, you will gain a greater understanding of the dog’s mind and body language and how to recognize signs of a stressed or aggressive animal. You will also learn how to safely manage an aggressive dog, you’ll become familiarized with the types and uses of the latest protective devices and equipment, and participate in exercises to practice the techniques learned, along with tips to help keep you and the dog safe.


Picture this

An energetic and motivated Belgian Malinois meets a steady and focused German Shepherd, and the two soon become friends…and later, business partners.

Five years ago, that’s precisely what happened.
Well, kind of…

Tibor and Mike first met through a mutual friend at a police conference involving police working dogs. Tibor, an entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of breeds, bloodlines and canine product design, was exhibiting and Mike, a highly experienced police K-9 trainer and handler, was facilitating.

After some initial discussions, phone calls and eventual travel together, the unlikely pair found that their skill sets were perfectly complementary and balanced each other.

Tibor approached Mike about exploring some joint ventures, and soon they were traveling the world together for some unique and interesting business opportunities.

As Mike tells it, Tibor is a visionary businessman with a vast network of industry relationships and a deep understanding of dog products and a passion for designing them.

And Tibor describes Mike as an expert in the field of police canine training and equipment whose hands-on, problem-solving approach is rooted in practical application and usage of working dog products.

Or, as they like to say, Tibor creates new products and service ideas, and Mike refines them.

Whatever the case, the energetic and motivated and the steady and focused “dogs”—experts in their given areas—have come together to offer an exceptional and revolutionary pet product line that makes the most of their respective worlds…


Aggressive dogs and bite prevention course

A one day dog awareness course that has been designed to provide personnel who come into contact with dogs as part of their daily routine with the knowledge and skills to prevent serious injury.

The one (1) day course is designed to meet the specific needs of the student depending on their personal/organizational requirements and existing skill set and so the course input can be altered to the needs of the client ensuring that relevant information is presented in a timely and topical fashion.
Topics covered during a full day course include the following:

• Greater understanding of the dog’s mind
• Dog’s body language
• Bite prevention
• Dealing with an aggressive dog
• Safe handling of an aggressive dog
• Identifying stress in dogs
• Accumulative stress
• Introduction to the pit bull
• Dealing with Pack animals
• Equipment
• Practical exercises

Cost: $195 + taxes
Discount: 20% ($156.00 + taxes) if registered and paid before September 30, 2019
Who: Veterinarians, Animal Control Officers, Animal Care Attendants, Veterinary Care Technicians, Kennel Operators, etc.


Ottawa, ON

November 4th, 2019

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November 5th, 2019



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November 6th, 2019



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November 8th, 2019




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